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Bulurru Aboriginal Art Canvas Print Unstretched - Family Tree By Shanara Paige

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Product Description

Bulurru Aboriginal Art Canvas Print - NOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH FRAME


Artwork size 535mm x 535mm 

Canvas size 635 x 635mm (approximate)

*size is approximate only


Artist: Shanara Paige

Design Name: Family Tree

Aboriginal artist, Shanara Paige was born in Alice Springs Central Australia from the language area of “Umutju-South West Peterman, west of Uluru.

She grew up in remote communities in south west central Australia on the APY Lands. There was a very close connection to traditional and cultural aspects of daily life and was taught many important things such as hunting and the gathering and stories of the surrounding country.
Shanara learnt how to paint from her mum, Julie Paige, watching her create her beautiful art work and eventually worked alongside her, painting with acrylic on ceramics and canvas to buyers in Central and South Australia.
Her aim is to continue painting and passing her skills and knowledge on to her children and future generations.

 Shanara Paige photo


All of our canvas products are printed on high-quality canvas in our warehouse in Melbourne.  We ship all orders of canvas prints in tubes.  They come unstretched and rolled, ready to stretch or place in a frame.  We do not sell our artworks in frames due to the high instance of breakage during transit.