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Bulurru Bin Number & Letter Stickers By Merryn Apma Daley

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$6.70 - $6.70
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Product Description


We have developed a range of number stickers digitally printed on vinyl with four of Merryn's most popular designs.  These don't need to be used only on bins - they can be placed anywhere!

Number size - 20cm x 11cm (approx)

  • Numbers from 0-9
  • The slash symbol - /
  • Letters from A-D
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with an instruction sheet on how to apply sticker
  • Artist Story included with each purchase
  • Made In Australia

* We can also do custom letters, symbols, and any sizes - please contact us for a quote.

  **Note some councils do not allow these - please check first before applying


Artist Info

Merryn is from the Western Arrernte people Alice Springs. She is from the stolen generation and reconnected with her family 35 years ago. Merryn has worked in Aboriginal affairs for over 30 years at grass roots level and in government, advocating for her people. A business owner on the Sunshine Coast QLD, she is the recipient of the Centenary medal for her services to Aboriginal community in Victoria and won the “Women Means Business biennial award in 2009. A recognised artist with art hanging all over the world, Merryn paints her journey and captures the memory of the beautiful country that runs through her veins. Honouring her countrymen and painting the strong women as well as the colours of the desert, flowers, waterholes and her people sitting on country.