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  • ottobre 29, 2021

    The Meaning Of Bulurru

    Damarri is also called Bulurru. Bulurru is how Djabugay refer to the Dreaming. Storywaters, or locations associated with the Dreaming as well as the ancestral beings associated with them are known as Bulurru. Bulurru is considered to be 'the source...

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  • Our face masks are literally...
    marzo 31, 2021

    Our face masks are literally...

    Our face masks are literally flying ✈️out the door to all our Queensland customers. Stay safe everyone! #bulurrumasks #bulurru #bulurruaustralia #facemasks #aboriginalproducts #aboriginalfacemasks

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  • 😍 **NEW** Bulurru Multi Functional...
    marzo 29, 2021

    😍 **NEW** Bulurru Multi Functional...

    😍 **NEW** Bulurru Multi Functional Head Sock - 4 designs to choose from 😍 by Bulurru Shop BRAND NEW TO BULURRU Multi Functional Head Sock 8 different ways to wear One size fits all Choose from 4 different designs πŸ‘‰...

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  • The start of Bulurru
    agosto 12, 2020

    The start of Bulurru

    As the child of European immigrants born in Australia I naturally had family living in Europe, whom I would visit from time to time. My husband from France was one of eight children living all around the world.Β 

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  • We love customer emails like this
    agosto 12, 2020

    We love customer emails like this

    A few days ago, Bulurru received a beautiful email from a customer telling us a story about where our fabric had ended up. Β We were so touched that we asked if we could share the email with our online community - so here it is!Β 
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  • From Scotland to Sydney
    agosto 12, 2020

    From Scotland to Sydney

    We love nothing more than receiving personal stories from our customers. Yesterday, DONNA HOLLAND sent us this lovely email with her photo attached.
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