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Karen Taylor is a Yankunytjatjara – Lurija / Adnyamathananha - Arabana aboriginal lady from the Northern Territory and South Australia. She painted her walkabout design when she was 21 years of age and living in Alice Springs. From a very young age Karen has had a passion for art. This is through growing up and watching the elders creating their artwork in different ways. Karen still paints today.

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Wendy Pawley is from the Kamilaroi - Gomeroi, Gamilaraay people of Narrabri NSW. The meaning of Narrabri / Nurraburai is “Place of Forked Waters”. Wendy’s mother (the late) Mrs Noeleen Saunders (nee Trindall) was a widely known respected Traditional Owner of Narrabri and surrounding areas. Wendy paints her “Mother’s Country” predominantly the ancient spectacular rugged mountains of The Nandewar Ranges Ninghdoo, Kaputah, Yulludunida and Yulludanda that rise majestically above the Namoi Valley. The range is the remnants of an eroded basaltic shield volcano that formed about 18 million years ago, the volcanic plug in Gamilaaray language is called Ninghdoo / Nungadhun (pronounced locally as Ningy-doo). The Mount Kaputah area is included in Mount Kaputah National Park.

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Alisha Pawley is from the Gomeroi / Kamilaroi people of Narrabri NSW, her Grandmother Mrs Noeleen (nee Trindall) Saunders (deceased) was a well known respected Elder in the Aboriginal and wider community.

Born in Brisbane Qld in 1993, Alisha grew up on the Central Coast NSW with her parents George, Wendy and brother Jase. She attended Bateau Bay Primary School, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Tumbi Umbi Campus and The Entrance Senior Campus, Central Coast Adventist School and The University of Newcastle Ourimbah Campus.

As well as being an artist Alisha is also a talented musician, she is an accomplished acoustic guitarist and vocalist. Performances include Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College (TLSC) Community Education Awards, Grade 10 Presentation Ceremony, Tumbi Umbi Junior Campus School Presentation Ceremony, Aboriginal Awards, Tumbi Rocks, NAIDOC WEEK 2007 Nunyara Cultural Day and Central Coast Conservatorium of Music 2010 Aboriginal Scholarship.

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Graham is a Limilngan-Wulna and Wairi senior elder and has been painting since a small child. Graham worked as a Park Ranger for 14 years before starting his own cultural tourism business

Graham is involved with the Kakadu Board of Management and a member of the Northern Land Council. Graham spent all of his life growing up in the bush and he continues to pass his knowledge onto his four daughters and grandchildren.

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Merryn is from the Western Arrernte people Alice Springs. She is from the stolen generation and reconnected with her family 35 years ago. Merryn has worked in Aboriginal affairs for over 30 years at grass roots level and in government, advocating for her people. A business owner on the Sunshine Coast QLD, she is the recipient of the Centenary medal for her services to Aboriginal community in Victoria and won the “Women Means Business biennial award in 2009. A recognised artist with art hanging all over the world, Merryn paints her journey and captures the memory of the beautiful country that runs through her veins. Honouring her countrymen and painting the strong women as well as the colours of the desert, flowers, waterholes and her people sitting on country.

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Aboriginal Artist, Susan Betts, has been painting and designing for many years. “Wiyana (Woman) Spirit One Creative”is her art and design name. Susan Cultural ties are with the “Wirangu, Mirning & Kokatha” people of the Far-West Coast of South Australia. Susan, paints & designs images which express her connection to her “Culture, Country, Spirit” She also does cultural painting workshops with an intention to teach all about Aboriginal art, culture, design, healing stories and colours connect her to the heart of her Country. If you have any more enquires about Wiyana Spirit One Creative Art, please feel free to contact her Susan Betts Facebook or Instagram pages.

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Kathleen is an accomplished entrepreneur, artist, designer and poet, of Pitatjantjara/Western Arrernte, Scottish and English descent.  Her mother's country is the South West Petermann Ranges, with storylines that extend to Uluru.  Born in Alice Springs, she spent her formative years living in Queensland with her brother and sister in the care of their father.  In 1980 when Kathleen was 10 years old, the siblings returned to Central Australia to live with their mother and their people.

Kathleen began painting alongside her sister Julie Page in 1993.  Kathleen's artworks are a joyful celebration of her Indigenous heritage and also reflect life stories of her two sons growing up on their father's country west of Alice Springs.  This is also the location of the famous Kathleen Buzzacott Art Studio, where she produces and sends beautiful all over Australia and the world.

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Aboriginal artist, Julie Paige was born in Alice Springs Central Australia from the language area of Umutju-South West Peterman-West of Uluru. She has been painting for over 30 years for various galleries and private buyers, designed t-shirts and been commissioned for large murals. Many of her works have been sent both interstate and overseas to Europe, America, Germany and Canada. Julie was taught by her mother and aunt where she mainly paints dots from Central Australia, using acrylics on all types of mediums including leather, ceramics and canvas. Her stories are told using traditional symbols throughout her work, passed down from her grandmothers. Something that is important to Julie is passing down her knowledge and skills to her children, as well as school kids. It is here that she teaches them about traditional paintings and the stories behind them.

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Louis Enoch is an aboriginal dancer, tour guide, artefact maker and artist. Gapirri is his totem name which is the stingray. He has come from many different tribes in and surrounding Cairns area. Djabugay (Kuranda) and Yidinji (cairns) tribes are from his mother’s side and Nughi (Moreton island/Stradbroke island) and Kaantju (Coen/Lockhart River) tribes is from his father’s side. He also acknowledges his grandparents tribes Jiddabul (tablelands), birri gubba (Bowen), and Mulurridji (mareeba). Louis’ grandfather Enoch Tranby is his main inspiration with his artwork, as well as his Aunty Estelle Tranby who is a current well-known artist. Louis’ father, William Enoch is his main inspiration when it comes to his artefact making, with his experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years plus.

Louis is also a dancer and has been performing aboriginal dances professionally for 13 years. His colour scheme involves very vibrant colours such as blues, greens, purples, oranges bright yellows and often metallic colours for backgrounds, with animals from his tribal areas painted in the traditional colours, black, yellow, red and white. Louis paints traditional stories from his mother’s tribes from the Cairns area as he has lived here his whole life. He also paints more modern stories depicting hunting and gathering. His artworks are done on canvas and natural materials such as bark, palm fronds, stones, shells. He makes artefacts himself, including boomerangs, woomeras, clapsticks, spears, didgeridoos etc. Through his painting, artworks, and craft Louis stays connected to his culture and can pass on his knowledge and skills to his children and keep it alive.

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Name: Tanita Paige
Born: Alice Springs
Language Group: Pitjantjatjara

Tanita has been painting for 15 years. She grew up watching her mother paint and often sat on her lap learning and admiring her artwork. She was taught by her mother and grandmothers about the storylines, their connection to communities, hunting, culture, family and land.

Tanita has painted many items including canvases and guitars; and considers her main style to be traditional dot painting using acrylic paint.

She has been involved in the Salvation Army RAP design as well as designing the Youth Safe Transport service bus graphics, where she is thankful for these opportunities. All her designs tell a story, a story of herself and family, their connections throughout the communities, culture and land. Tanita will continue to pass down her knowledge and skills to her children and will tell them the stories she has about growing up in the APY Lands.

Each piece of artwork produced by Tanita is a part of her identity as an Anangu woman where she is happy to share her stories and continue to educate others through her art.

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Aboriginal artist, Shanara Paige was born in Alice Springs Central Australia from the language area of “Umutju-South West Peterman, west of Uluru.

She grew up in remote communities in south west central Australia on the APY Lands. There was a very close connection to traditional and cultural aspects of daily life and was taught many important things such as hunting and the gathering and stories of the surrounding country. Shanara learnt how to paint from her mum, Julie Paige, watching her create her beautiful art work and eventually worked alongside her, painting with acrylic on ceramics and canvas to buyers in Central and South Australia.

Her aim is to continue painting and passing her skills and knowledge on to her children and future generations.

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