Oorany Arts Wine Glass Holder Cooler Single

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Djarindjin Oorany Arts Products

  • Single Wine Glass Holder (image shown from all sides)
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Great for keeping your wine glasses cool on a warm day
  • Great Gift Idea
Our popular wine glass coolers are made from neoprene, have overlocking, and stitched seams.
*note these fit standard wine glasses only - they are a little stretchy but we do not guarantee they will fit the large size wine glasses.  If in doubt please do not purchase


Oorany Arts originate from the Community of Djarindjin, Dampier Peninsula WA

Women artists pay tribute to the local bush food and indigenous flora and fauna that are part of their daily lives.

These elements are incorporated into a unique style reflecting a living culture and the beautiful Bardi Country.

This range of designs are part of our Oorany Arts range. These products are authenticated by the artist and a royalty from the sale of the product is paid directly to the artist.