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Bulurru Bandana

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Product Description

Australian made Aboriginal Bandanas featuring authentic Aboriginal Designs printed on 100% cotton.

Royalties Paid

Cool, versatile, great designs - all over print. 
Shape : Triangular
Material : 100% cotton. 
Size : 70x70x98cm (27"x27"x38") 


Customer review: "Hi All: My mum+dad brought a men's ceremony hair bandana back from a trip to Oz for me a decade ago. I wear it to hold my hair up, I always get comments about it, often from Australians who know exactly what it is, who are working in Banff etc. I lost it during bird watching in Faro, Yukon, the Cranes, so ordered another one from you, it is still my favourite hair bandana.... Wearable art!"
Paul Davis Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada