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Bulurru Aboriginal Art Canvas Print Unstretched - Bilby By Kathleen Buzzacott

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Product Description

Bulurru Aboriginal Art Canvas Print - NOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH FRAME


Artwork size 535mm X 541mm 

Canvas size 635mm x 641mm

*size is approximate only


Artist: Kathleen Buzzacott

Kathleen is an accomplished entrepreneur, artist, designer and poet, of Pitatjantjara/Western Arrernte, Scottish and English descent.  Her mother's country is the South West Petermann Ranges, with storylines that extend to Uluru.  Born in Alice Springs, she spent her formative years living in Queensland with her brother and sister in the care of their father.  In 1980 when Kathleen was 10 years old, the siblings returned to Central Australia to live with their mother and their people. Kathleen began painting alongside her sister Julie Page in 1993.  Kathleen's artworks are a joyful celebration of her Indigenous heritage and also reflect life stories of her two sons growing up on their father's country west of Alice Springs.  This is also the location of the famous Kathleen Buzzacott Art Studio, where she produces and sends beautiful all over Australia and the world.

Design Name: Bilby

My family and I always went camping along rivers.  As kids these were special times of fun and family connection.  Treasured memories of a simple life, telling stories around the campfire.


*All of our canvas products are printed on high-quality canvas in our warehouse in Melbourne.  We ship all orders of canvas prints in tubes.  They come unstretched and rolled, ready to stretch or place in a frame.  We do not sell our artworks in frames due to the high instance of breakage during transit.