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Sunglasses Cases - The Gathering By Nina Wright

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Product Description

  • Neoprene material with belt/bag clip
  • Each design comes with it's own Story Card/Artist Info


Artist Info - Nina Wright

Nina Wright (Turner) is a proud Kokatha and Narungga woman, with roots stretching from the Western Desert to the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia.
Since 2018, she has made her home in Victoria, where her ancestral journey continues.
Nina's family heritage weaves a rich tapestry, tracing back to the Yorke Peninsula through her grandmother's lineage and extending all the way to Alice Springs through her grandfather's family. This deep connection to her heritage has been a wellspring of inspiration throughout her life. Steeped in a legacy of artists and healers, Nina possesses a unique artistic sensibility.
She is an intuitive artist, driven by a passion for crafting personalized works of art that encapsulate the essence of each individual she portrays. This talent has been nurtured since her childhood, and her creative spirit flows harmoniously with her profound connection to the natural world.
In collaboration with her husband, Shane, Nina has ventured into entrepreneurship in the serene Eastern Dandenong Ranges. Together, they founded EARTHwise Culture, a haven that celebrates her artistry and also serves as a source of her family's traditional Aboriginal Bush Medicine, known as Irmangka-Irmangka, offering solace and healing to those in need. For a deeper glimpse into Nina's artistry and her cultural contributions, please explore her work at