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Bulurru Aboriginal Art Canvas Print Unstretched - Family Picnic After The RainBy Louis Enoch

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Product Description

Bulurru Aboriginal Art Canvas Print - NOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH FRAME


Artwork size 400mm x 545mm

Canvas size 500mm x 645mm (approximate)

*size is approximate only


Artist: Louis Enoch

Design Name:  Saltwater Meets Freshwater


Louis Enoch is an aboriginal dancer, tour guide, artefact maker and artist. Gapirri is his totem name which is the stingray.

He has come from many different tribes in and surrounding Cairns area. Djabugay (Kuranda) and Yidinji (cairns) tribes are from his mother’s side and Nughi (Moreton island/Stradbroke island) and Kaantju (Coen/Lockhart River) tribes is from his father’s side. He also acknowledges his grandparents tribes Jiddabul (tablelands), birri gubba (Bowen), and Mulurridji (mareeba).

Louis’ grandfather Enoch Tranby is his main inspiration with his artwork, as well as his Aunty Estelle Tranby who is a current well-known artist.

Louis’ father, William Enoch is his main inspiration when it comes to his artefact making, with his experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years plus. Louis is also a dancer and has been performing aboriginal dances professionally for 13 years.

His colour scheme involves very vibrant colours such as blues, greens, purples, oranges bright yellows and often metallic colours for backgrounds, with animals from his tribal areas painted in the traditional colours, black, yellow, red and white.

Louis paints traditional stories from his mother’s tribes from the Cairns area as he has lived here his whole life. He also paints more modern stories depicting hunting and gathering. His artworks are done on canvas and natural materials such as bark, palm fronds, stones, shells. He makes artefacts himself, including boomerangs, woomeras, clapsticks, spears, didgeridoos etc.

Through his painting, artworks, and craft Louis stays connected to his culture and can pass on his knowledge and skills to his children and keep it alive.



All of our canvas products are printed on high-quality canvas in our warehouse in Melbourne.  We ship all orders of canvas prints in tubes.  They come unstretched and rolled, ready to stretch or place in a frame.  We do not sell our artworks in frames due to the high instance of breakage during transit.